Friday, August 6, 2010

TelecanterMobile Recovered!

It's safe to make cracks at THAC0 again! Also, Zak, you're off the hook . . . for now.

Your humble host was imbibing 1d6 hops-containing potions when he got a call from the local pd. The chariot was found! But with no gas-- bring some gas. Now generally pd has a working relationship with local tow companies that costs gentle citizens like your's truly $160+ to retrieve their stolen chariots. But officer Yang had heart, he had moxy, and called the victim directly so the idea is to get to him before he loses patience. Unfortunately, being of what is called "Okie" stock 'round here TelecanterBrother's chariot has no working headlights! Yes, so the race is on-- get to the gas station and then to the land of Angus on Bullard as fast as possible and back before dark, and its about 7:30 PM and the sun is waning. And . . . we made it.

Just barely. A gallon of gas in the tank and a jump and away we went. Now I'm back, nestled with my hops potions and a car in the parking lot. Hopefully someone isn't stealing it as I type!!! Oh, yeah it's almost out of gas. They won't get far. :)


  1. Guess thaco's not protected by the gods anymore. Glad you got your wheels back.

  2. Thanks folks! Sorry for the drama, last time it was stolen it took 3-4 months to get it back. I actually went out this morning to see if the car was still there, ha! Maybe I should make an icon I can display on the blog as a notification of whether my car is or is not currently stolen :)

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