Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Party Equipment Record Sheet II

Here is a revision of my party equipment record sheet. Thanks to the suggestion of the fabulous Mr. Reints, I've added a half page for recording party treasure:

The idea is to write treasure found in easy to decipher sections: scroll, potions, weapons and armor. There should probably be other sections.

I'm not that satisfied with it, but hey, I just spent like an hour looking for a damn public domain image of a halfway decent jewel and failed. I may revise this for myself later, but instead of inundating you with a bunch of revisions, in the spirit of fostering DIY, here's a zip file of all the images in the above document as pngs. Use them as thou wilt.


  1. This is super cool. I've been stuck with the party's bookkeeping since our rules lawyer/ account moved away, and the idea of tracking gear other players --and npcs-- have on the same sheet is excellent. Thanks!

  2. Great! I hoped it might be useful to someone.