Sunday, August 15, 2010

SoCal Mini-Con III Rocked!

Just got back a few hours ago from LA and the SoCal Mini-Con III. It was a blast. Thanks to Bedivere and Cyclopeatron for helping organize it!

I got to play a mage in Tavis Allison's game in which the opening act saw 17 of the party's henchmen fall to their deaths when our sky chariot was attacked by a type VI demon!

After that, I got to run my one page dungeon The Undertavern with a great bunch of players: Staples, Mobad Deathprong, David, Tavis Allison, his son Javi, and my buddy Jeff. They were creative, funny, and nice. Except for two unfortunate deaths right at the very end, the party escaped the dungeon successfully-- sailing out over the Undersky in a crystal ship!

I also got to meet T. Foster, Brunomac, a bunch of the Dragonsfoot/Knights & Knaves crowd, and Cyclopeatron, who was nice enough to invite me to his fabulous pad and chat about gaming for a bit.

Some pictures of the event here.

I'll write up a narrative of what went down in the Undertavern soon and another post reflecting on what went really well and a few things I'll revise if I run it again.

Update: I forgot to mention I also got to meet Nick of Castle Dragonscar who played a Sleestak in Tavis' game! Shame one me, an howdy Nick.


  1. Sounds great! Wish I could have joined you (bit of a hike though)...

  2. Yeah, even the five hours back from this felt long.

    It was fun to get to DM after not getting to for a while, but especially to try out the module I just made.

  3. That was a ton of fun! On the way home I asked Javi what his favorite part was and he said "The crystal boat." Also I snagged _Rats_ from the book swap; if you ever revise this (maybe for publication in Fight On!) you might think about putting in a King Rat, which is where between two and 17 rats get their tails tied in a knot. With no rats, you could just have the tails...
    - Tavis

  4. It was great meeting you! I'm looking forward to a thorough recap of your session!

  5. Ah, so YOU were the guy from the Central Valley! See? We had talent coming in from all corners of the, well, from everywhere! Glad to hear you enjoyed it. So did I.

    And muleabides: glad to hear that you got a hold of "Rats". More than just an examination of NYC's mascot, it really has some interesting observations about the city and its history.

  6. Thanks guys!

    Tavis it was a real treat having Javi in the games; I'll never forget that multiple arrow shot that split open the hut in your game. And a ratless King Rat would be just the thing.

    I got to talk with Cyclopeatron about his awesome session but, Wheggi, I was curious, what happened in the necropolis?