Sunday, August 1, 2010

Party Equipment Record Sheet

Even with fast packs there are often equipment choices for players to make when outfitting their expeditions to the underworld. I figure a really easy way to smooth these decisions, speed things along, and maybe also help with bookkeeping later is to have a party equipment record sheet.

I've been wanting to do this for a while but finding the right art has been an exercise in frustration. Anyway, think of it as a draft. And if you like the idea, you don't even need this pdf, just quickly sketch the items on a piece of paper and make your own on game day. But I do think images ease the reading of the sheet.

The idea is player one picks her gear, writes her character's name by all the stuff she chose then hands it to the next player who does the same. People are usually making these decisions simultaneously, but it could be helpful for inexperienced parties to be thinking about what they might need that they haven't purchased yet. I think it could be really helpful later when all hell breaks loose and you need to know which hirelings had torches-- just check this sheet, their names would be by torches.

There's room for an item or two more. I'm not sure what else should be one the sheet. I thought maybe bags or coffers, for when the party is carrying booty out of a dungeon. Other ideas?


  1. A section on group treasure would be useful for most groups I've played with. Usually one enterprising player would keep account of the groups money and undistributed gewgaws.

  2. Hey, thanks for the suggestion. I've been thinking about it and I probably should have called this an Expedition Planning Sheet, because it assumes a party will probably have certain items, oil, spikes, but how to do that with treasure?

    Hmm, well I suppose treasure is usually certain things too, coins, potions, scrolls. I could do a similar set up to be printed on the back of this. I'd hate to put a pic of every weapon that could be found magical, but I suppose that could be a cluster of weapons and just write what it is in that sections.

    Okay, back to work. Thanks!

  3. Yep. the quick start rules I'm trying out this week have a similar thing. You roll 3d6 on a "social class" table and get a starting amount of coin, armor and weapon choices, plus (unless you are dirt poor) a choice of one or more of six different "adventuring packs" along those lines.