Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Prize Wheels

Did you know you could get these wheel-of-fortune type spinners that you can write on with dry erase markers?
You know you want one for carousing rolls.
Unfortunately, the cheapest one I saw was ~$130, way too pricey for me.  But, hey, maybe if you're running a minicon you can justify buying one to run prize give-aways and in the meantime let the DMs use it for horrible fumble tables, kung fu moves, or spell backfires.


  1. Ahem:


    I've had luck with lots of odd things through this educational supply company. They sell dice, too!

  2. Cool, looks like that brings the price down to about $42. Thanks.

  3. Are there 20 slots on there? Man, I can think of no more appropriate use for this than the "death and dismemberment" roll when you hit the negatives.

  4. Ach, I didn't think of that. Looks like 18 in the picture. Maybe "tripped on invisible turtle" can take up three slots :)