Monday, July 16, 2012

Organ Thieves

They are said to look like black leeches the size of squirrels.  They seem to slip into camps after everyone has drifted off to sleep (move silent 3-6 on 1d6).  The sleepers awake with flower-shaped bruises and . . . things missing:
  1. heart -- nothing really matters, does it, no levelling up
  2. lung -- can't get your wind, -2 to all rolls from now on
  3. intestines -- you are constantly hungry, eat a ration/hr or -2 on all rolls
  4. kidneys -- you are constantly thirsty, drink a skin of water/hr or -2 on all rolls
  5. liver -- put that drink down, brother.  Any alcohol=save vs poison
  6. just bruises - no organ gone, but what was it doing there?
The thieves slither off with their prizes and assemble them into a . . . thing.  The Viscera.  Viscera are 10 organs from different organisms that levitate and rustle wetly.  They are powerful hypnotists (Rank 6) and will convince visitors to go fetch more organs to create more viscera.

Note: if players can find their organ, certain healers should be able to open the wound and return them . . . otherwise the dwarves are said to make interesting replacements.

Note 2: Alchemists and unsavory types might be able to render the thieves down into St Petruccio's Spit, Seep, or just a powerful anaesthesia.


  1. I was really hoping this was your Thief variant.

  2. I'll take that as a challenge. Watch this space.

  3. 6: Putting something *in*, I ween.

  4. @mike: Thanks, may your players donations go well.

    @Roger: I started thinking of that when I was imagining it as a class. That opens up whole new possibilities. I might have to make a subspecies of these buggers that give you extra internal junk without you knowing.

  5. I like this idea quite a lot. =)

  6. Cool, thanks for letting me know.