Friday, July 13, 2012

A Couple Questions

1 Has anyone tabulated monsters from various old D&D versions into spreadsheets?  I've noticed a few differences and I'd like to track what changes there are-- mostly HD and damage dice going up or down.  That's a lot of typing, though, so if someone's done it, it would save me work.

2 Do you know of any discussions in blog posts or forums about multiple attacks by monsters, like 1d4/1d4/1d8?  I thought saw something a year or so ago.  I'm curious about why these show up at the HD levels they do, whether they're intended to help monsters have a better chance of hurting higher level characters, or take on groups of pcs, etc.

Thanks.  I hope you're all avoiding heat stroke.


  1. Two interesting questions. Sorry I don't have any answers. But --

    Save or die ( has been very slowly noting the changes between OD&D and AD&D. Interesting to read but it won't save you any typing. (I think the posts begin around 2008 or 2009), and he's still on the AD&D MM, but has covered everything chronologically, including Dragons.

  2. Thanks a bunch. I'll check his blog out. Also, I'll do my best answer boh questions and post back here later.