Friday, December 23, 2011

Status Markers

Players running around maimed, drunk, or infused with cheetah DNA?  This might help keep track of all the shenanigans.  This pdf is a sheet of business-card size markers.  Print, cut.

To display in front of players, the two simplest ways I could think of: 1) take an index card.  Fold in half lengthwise like a little tent.  Cut two slots.  Insert relevant markers:
Deaf & Poisoned
Downside is it's limited to two, upside is you can write the PC's name across the bottom.

2)Second option,  just fold the marker in half and put a paper clip on it:

Downside is they might get shuffled around the table, upside is super simple, and your players can have tons in front of them.

I've seen Cyclopeatron use a little yellow slip with a lantern on it to indicate light bearer.  I need to make some of those. 

If you're using minis, Dan C. over at Dungeoneering Dad suggests the little color rings around milk and soda as easy to get, multi-colored markers.

What effects do you need?  I'll try to make them.


  1. I like these a lot. I've only ever seen status tracking like this done with minis before, but just having the stati (statuses? statum?) sit in front of the players seems much easier to use. I could even use this for a Skype or Google+ game, labeling the display tents with the PC's names and having them in front of me. Very cool. Thanks!

  2. The only two other effects I can think of that aren't on your first batch are when a character is charmed and when a character is held in place, either by magic or by a web or something. I suppose that the turtle *could* double for that, but it would probably be most ideal to have a distinction between "can move slowly" and "can't move at all."

  3. Thanks. I thought of doing this when Zak mentioned he had trouble tracking various player states on Google+. I immediately remembered this session of mine:

    Other effects: Maybe a smiley face with swirly eyes could be charmed/dazed, or a heart shape behind a silhouette head. I'm thinking a spider web could work for held/paralyzed etc. A hare with speed lines for hasted. Maybe need something for fear. Oh, and nausea for my skunkbat attacks! But this will come later because I'm currently trapped in family-land.

  4. These are great! name plates alone are a good idea, but adding in status markers makes it very clear as to who is stunned or whatever.

    in addition to the ones you have, a "shrunken", or "giant sized" marker might be useful, as well as an "encumbered"... although that could be the turtle now that I think of it.

  5. Hey, thanks. Those are three good ones. I know just how I could do shrunken/giant, similar to the age progression icons I posted with silhouettes. Also, I can easily shop one of the hireling silhouettes to look really overburdened. But probably not for a few days-- still at the folks'.