Saturday, December 10, 2011

Silhouettes XXIX

Looks like my computer is good to go which makes me quite happy.  Here's my first silhouettes post in a couple months.  OD&D monster:
Plus a harpy and a hippo:
Could've sworn I'd done a hippo before but couldn't find one.  Now you can have your hippo trap in the dungeon with the luring hippo. And here's another mashup:
I'll put these in the zip a bit later, have to figure out some ftp issues.


  1. Nice! Hope you don't mind me adding these to the new silhouette-webby-version?

  2. Yes! They're back! Will you note when they're in the zip file?

  3. I'm glad you're happy :) I will certainly let you know. And with the next installment being the 30th, look for a big batch to come.