Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Email Hacked

Apparently someone took over my Yahoo account last night and changed the primary email address by adding an extra "r" then spammed the contact list.  I got back in, changed the password.  But if you ever emailed that account you probably got a spam message. Sorry.

I understand people breaking into accounts and spamming to get $$, I don't get why they would then delete all my email and contacts in that account.  Unless it's a side effect of the hacking method, just seems spiteful.

Anyway, here are a few silhouettes to try and be positive and keep moving forward:
A second humanoid:
His forebear:
And where they live:


  1. Aish. Sorry to hear that. Nice gnoll btw! :)

  2. @Theodric: I'd never seen it, but just did and I liked it. And yeah it does look similar, hah.

    @Al: Sorry to hear it.

    @ZB: Thanks. Is the AD&D Coloring Book Canon? :) Hobgoblins will have baboon heads then.