Friday, May 20, 2011

Silhouettes XVII

Have a faun first because I particularly like it and feeds will pick up whichever pic is first.  But here are some more classic monsters from the encounter tables of OD&D:
Wooly Rhino
The unicorn is very heraldic, I'll be on the look out for something more dainty and antelope-like.  The wyvern was really a fairy tale dragon, but I think it will work out okay.  Here's an alternate centaur:


  1. The other centaur has a totally rad 70's vibe going on- maybe its the bellbottom-tufts.

    In my games from now on, the bellbottom centaurs war on their dainty cousins.

  2. 2 wings, 2 legs. Looks like a wyvern to me.
    Why does nobody ever use an amphiptere?

  3. @anonymous: I thoroughly agree with your intention :)

    @richard: yeah, there's a bunch of weirdoid heraldic monsters. One of my favorites in the Enfield. I think they don't get a lot of use because 1) they're hard to envision with all their multiple parts squashed together and 2) what the hell do they do besides sit on a shield? But I can certainly make silhouettes of them.

    There are some oddities too, the D&D chimaera is different from the original. The Satyrs were different from fauns at first etc. I'm guessing you know all this though :)