Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Silhouettes XIV

Here are a few more classics:
Oddly, those original tables don't have bears, but maybe this can be of the prehistoric persuasion:
Cave Bear
And this isn't very intimidating, maybe I can find some different varieties later:
Finally this guy is the result of extensive plastic surgery:
Does that work for you?  If not we could re-purpose him as a caveman I guess.


  1. Ever since that angel dinosaur, all I can think of is putting wings on every silhouette!
    Watch out, here comes the flider...

  2. Good stuff - the bear has more detail than the one I used here. I was thinking of doing a bears only thing (polar bears!). I like the ogre and spider here too.

  3. The ogre works. Keep up the excellent silhouettes and I'm going to have to do a hex-crawl slathered in them someday.

  4. @Jensan: Alas, I tried adding wings and it just didn't look right, maybe bat wings would look better.

    @ZB: Thanks, I'll keep an eye out for a Polar bear.

    @JDJ: Thanks so much, that makes me want to go find some more cool silhouettes.

  5. I've not started use any of these silhouettes, but I'm definitely starting to consider it.

    Telecanter, you've probably already seen these but I'm posting a link nonetheless.


  6. Thanks, Seth. I appreciate the link. I'll probably stick with trawling texts off of Archive.org because I know they are public domain and unencumbered with any claims to their ownership.