Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Silhouettes XVI

I've been trying to add at least two classic monster silhouettes for each of these posts.  I don't have any this time, but rather than go silent, I'll post what I have.  Ze Bulette mentioned wanting a polar bear:
There is also a black on white version in the zip file. And here is a black bear:
Here is something I think would make a nice city icon:
I also added an alternate hydra to the zip file, with heads spread apart for better recognition at small sizes.


  1. Thanks - much better than the one I'd been planning on using. Added to the list of to do's..

  2. The city has a very "Divine Right" feel ...

  3. @zb: looking forward to it.

    @Roger: I never had the game, but looking at the map Jeff Reints had on his blog, you're right. It looks a lot like the Walled City of Adeese.