Sunday, April 24, 2011

Silhouettes VIII

In this installment we see our first thief!  And two gentlemen from the order of the lantern and stick.  This time, I thought I'd share the source pictures because they were so nice in their own right.  First, something waits in the shadows:
And here is the figure cut out:
This shows a man on the moon coming across a village, hopefully not of those damn Mooninites:
His figure:
And now the silhouette that's had some reconstructive surgery so he looks more like he's on flat ground:
Here's the thief:


  1. Love the first stick guy, and the weird culture clash in the original illo is interesting. Aladdin?

  2. That's from this version of the Arabian Nights:

    The story of the little hunchback. Looking back through there, I think I see an assassin silhouette potential.

  3. The first figure's head profile is brilliant - that line from the bottom side of his hat to the tip of his beard is pure orientalist drama. It's the sort of thing that's missing from most fantasy illustration.

  4. I like the thief - seems very iconic.

  5. @Richard, yeah, I think these would have character as paper minis or something.

    @zb: cool, that's what I was hoping for. Working on a possible assassin now.