Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Have Some Pics

Here is another silhouette, possibly mage or cleric:
Here is a nice portrait for an npc:
And a sea giant, or maybe the dreaded Bathing Giant:


  1. That middle one doesn't have to be an NPC - I'd play an imam in a heartbeat!

  2. I see the middle picture & I think. PC for a D&D game or I'm thinking NPC information broker for Human Space Empires!

  3. Yes, the dreaded Bathing Giant indeed! I role-played that dude in bath tubs and swimming pools all over the valley as a kid. Nostrils always just above water, and never needed to roll the dice. Your boat is screwed, imaginary PCs.

  4. The bathing giant makes me think of the giant from the Time of Legends sequence in Time Bandits. But then most things make me think of stuff from Time Bandits.

    "That's what I want! Little things! Hitting each other!"
    -- Ian Holm

  5. Thanks all. And yeah, use the pic for a pc portrait too.

  6. The last image is clearly from Honey, I shrunk the sailor!

    (Nice finds!)