Saturday, April 2, 2011

Silhouettes VII

Had a lot of free time today so I went back through a bunch of images I'd squirreled away but never made into silhouettes.  Here they are:
With this bard, and that squat guy up there representing a gnome I now have satisfied the most important needs for silhouettes in game design and will stop creating them.  Just kidding.  These are public domain, use 'em or lose 'em.


  1. I like the wizard and bard here - they'd work well as paper minis.

  2. Cool, Yeah, like that wizard. He was sort of lost in a baroque color pic and I'd forgotten about him. I like the mule too. I want to be a player in a campaign with a megadungeon and buy mules and dogs and venture to my doom, haha

  3. I'm thinking the flapper with a sack must be for CoC ;)
    captcha: conies. Now I know what's in the sack.

  4. Haha, flapper. I think it was an African women, but I can totally see it. "Bonny carries cash from bank as Clyde waits."

    Or, as you suggest, it could be the result of the random table Things You Didn't Expect People to be Carrying in Call of Cthulhu. :)