Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Sodden Temple

Some quick ideas while I've got a break:

  • I think I'll have a "machine" on the second level that will combine two creatures put into it.  The fly worshipers are using it to make fly-human hybrids.  Don't know what the original temple used it for.
  • I think I want to use shoes that magically lead you on a path.  I had something I called Clement's Docent, but have since found out one kind of very tall platform shoe was the chopine.  I'll have one of the fly cultists have them in a bag and they will safely lead the wearer through a trap-filled corridor on the second level . . . which means I need to put one there.
  • I want to put a lot of colorful, odd potions around.
  • My player count is somewhere close to 9 now, don't know what I'm getting myself into.  But I need to keep them challenged/interested.  I'm thinking some big, ugly things, or swarms of smaller weaker things might keep everyone busy.  I can't think of anything really big and horrible, maybe the cultists combined an elephant with a fly?  Yeah that might be nasty.  For small creatures coming in swarms, maybe just giant flies (cat-sized), or maybe the cultists combined crabs or squirrels with maggots.  Uggh.  Maybe the amphibians got to the "machine" and made some frog-spider hybrids or something.  This combining thing could give me a lot of mileage.
  • If I could get to a color printer I'd like to have some big gems in the treasure, and pass out cards when they're found.
  • I also went back through things that might make the players feel vulnerable.  I'm going to throw in as many as I can. 


  1. Does the machine work both ways? That is...
    A flyman becomes a fly and a man, and a regular human is divided into his body and...soul? His good side and bad side?

  2. Brundlephant :)

    Jensan, hadn't thought about that. I'm just thinking animal mongrel making.

  3. Sounds like this will be one hell of a dungeon. Have fun!