Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fairy Monsters

If fairies are little people with wings and faerie dragons are little dragons with wings, what would fairy versions of monsters be?

Fe-rust fae
These look like palm-sized rust monsters, only marked like lady bugs.  Anything they touch with their antennae turns to iron.  Apparently they migrate and return to let their young feed on their rusty former targets.

Fae Bulette
Transparent with dragon fly wings, these creatures swoop out of thick fogs to eat horseflies and tiny fairy pegasi.  It is said that a small section of their back chitin can be polished into a lens of true seeing.

These can be seen happily hovering about cliffsides where they burrow to build nests.  Peasants have been known to camp out under their nests because they poop gems!


  1. A swarm of fairy rust monsters would be a real kick in the butt - chewing through armor the way termites chew through wood in old cartoons.

  2. As much as I adore tiny rust monsters, something seems off about fae that create and eat iron.