Sunday, July 4, 2010

Japanese Map Symbols

Ran across Japanese map symbols for the first time yesterday. Many of them are more modern than my pseudo-medieval needs, but I'm always interested in iconic representations. Here are a few I thought I might be able to use and that I found aesthetically pleasing:

Point of Interest


Fishing Port


Hot Spring

I took Wikimedia's svgs and turned them into pngs. These are all in the public domain, so if nothing else you can edit them to make your own map symbols.


  1. You should send this to Sword + 1. He's the guy who created Ruins & Ronin, after all.

    By the way, been living in Japan 10 years and have never seen those. They might be old or I might be ignorant, but either way they'd look cool on an adventure map.

  2. Hey, thanks. I was hoping someone in Japan might weigh in on these. I'm thinking these might be more official symbols on what would be the equivalent over here of USGS survey maps.

  3. Very cool. Strangely enough, I was using three dots to note points of interest on my sandbox maps until I realized it just made the map look cluttered.

  4. Here in Denmark three dots are also generally used for sites of interest like ruins or other tourist attractions.

  5. The point of interest and hot springs are used, but the others are much more unusual.