Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Desiccated Font

The Desiccated Font is located in a chapel bereft of worshipers for so long it has been dry for centuries. The font is so dry as to pull moisture into itself. Uncovered flesh touching it will feel as if burning as the water is drawn out. Fluids poured into it will disappear as fast as they are poured and affect the pourer in strange ways:

Unfortunately, I just couldn't finish all the entries before my deadline. Any suggestions to fill those gaps?


  1. Wine: Pourer gains greatly increased clarity of the senses and agility (advantages to secret door checks and surprise rolls) but becomes emotionally stilted and inhibited, and level headed to a fault (charisma penalties) In 1d3 hours per litre of wine poured away a crushing "retoxication" is experienced, and the decanter suffers terrible nausea, lethargy and headaches before becoming dangerously garrulous.

  2. Blood: If someone bleeds on or into the font, it will drain much more out of him and the bleeder will become almost bloodless, wich decreases his constitution permanently by 1d6, but makes him immune to all blood draining attacks (like from a vampire or klesh) and magic that targets his emotions or feelings (like charm person)

  3. Ubholy Water: No apparent effect, however, when the user dies he or she will rise as a vampire (20%), wight (50%), or ghoul (30%)

    Tears of Another: User affected with melancholia

    Water: Water breathing for d12+6 hours, 20% chance to fail when user first encounters combat underwater

    Oil: Permanently see in the dark up to 60', takes double damage from fire (normal if save)

  4. Wonderful ideas, unless you object, I'd like to incorporate most of these into my chart to share with others.