Wednesday, July 21, 2010

DIY Minatures Coming

I've been watching the 3D printer scene. I am really looking forward to the day we are sharing Creative Commons models of miniatures with each other to print on our own printers. You can actually get one for ~$800 bucks, so the price is coming into range. The problem was with resolution. That printer could not match the detail in the fantasy miniatures you use at your table, but look at this:

Apparently that was printed with an Envisiontec Aureus. No idea on the price, but looks like the detail is here. Read more about it here.

via Boing Boing.


  1. I just saw that exact one this weekend. The guy was using it to make the parts to make a newer bigger one. It isn't going to be too long before these things are pretty common. There is already a large library of free items you can download.
    I can't wait till they're at the point where we can print minis. Even custom minis!

  2. I've been producing 3-d models for years for rendering and engineering I eagerly await the opportunity to be able to afford a machine that can economically produce figures.

    Material costs are already under 20 dollars a square inches these days so custom figures aren't too far off.

  3. You can now submit your own 3d files to that site. People are already printing fantasy miniatures for under $5. It's the Etsy of 3d printing.

    I knew this would happen soon, but I didn't realize that it's already commercially viable (cheap even).