Friday, April 16, 2010

What the . . . ?

Ran across this top pic a while back and thought, hmm kinda gonzo must have been selling toys, but this:

I'd say this has the volume turned up to 11! Ultra Monster art by Takayoshi Mizuki.

via Metafilter.


  1. Holy shit, DINO RIDERS! I still have that T-Rex somewhere, if you put the battery in back-to-front he would walk backwards...

  2. Just another day on Carcosa...

  3. Top pic: How they sell toys to kids.
    Bottom pic: How kids play with toys.


  4. Ha ha, you're welcome cyclopeatron. And thanks for the great comments everyone.

    I love how in the 2nd pic all this craziness is happening, including a DINO-tank, and dude is riding along in the car thinking "Hmm, I'll just whip out my side arm."

  5. Dino-tank? It looked like to me that it jumped on top of the tank. Dunno... All I know is that it must suck to be on Monster Patrol, especially if all that you're issued is a side-arm!