Sunday, April 25, 2010

Geometric Sculpture

Bathsheba Grossman makes geometric art that might inspire your weird statues, magic items, or even dungeon levels.

There's a lot of interesting stuff on the site. I really like the one pictured above. It looks to me like something a dying Illithid might have in it's hand and it has its own proper name, the Noom.

This would make an intriguing set of dungeon sub-planes:

Combined, the two make a solid cube. But how would you keep track of that map!?

How about this:

"At right is a 3" carving of Antichron, in Indian aventurine. It was done by an expert Chinese jade carver . . . It's something of a museum piece -- the carver did it, I think, mainly to prove it was possible. "

I think spinning it will make something happen . . .


  1. Who is the artist of the cubes piece?

  2. Bathsheba Grossman. You can find it here: