Wednesday, April 14, 2010

DIY is Infectious

I work with one of my players. He 's also my 4e DM. Today he looked up from what he was doing on his computer with a big grin and told me he was making a chart in Grim's Roll All the Dice style for magic-users.

I think it's a way to interpret how your mage produces magic-- whether it is a Dark Gift, a Science you have to master, a Sorcerous Art, etc. It is more flavor around the mechanics than new rules. I showed him this post here as an example of alternatives to spell books. He seemed to like it and started abstracting categories from it to incorporate in his chart.

But the point was, he was making his own chart! And not just a chart with set-in-stone results, but one which allows for interpretation- a DIY style chart. I didn't try to convert him or anything. I guess he just liked the way the Hireling Traits Spur works in play.

I thought that was cool.


  1. Right on. I love it when the players buy into the game so thoroughly. :)

  2. I told him to watch out or he'd be blogging soon. He said "I just signed up for one!" Ha ha

  3. Yeah, that's how you hook'm. First one is free... ;)