Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Wild Boar

Check out the size of that mother! I can totally visualize a bunch of goblins (or dwarves) riding these as mounts. Scary devil, looks more like a bear than a pig.

Saw this pic onTYWKIDBI


  1. That's a great pic! I lived for a time in the Santa Cruz mountains and was told that they lived there and to watch out for them while hiking. I'm not sure how cautious I should have really been, but I did see a lot of evidence of them rooting around in the dirt there, and one time I came upon a long chain of piglets crossing the road (presumably I'd just missed the adults).

  2. There are feral pigs in the foothills around here but they don't look as impressive as these babies. Saddle up, Goblins, we ride!

  3. Great pic. I love the cat watching from on top of the wall.