Monday, March 1, 2010

Post Session Narrative

As it turned out three mages headed back into the Tomb of the Tutors: Ehud, Lico returned for a bit, and a newcomer Zepheria. Ehud had his two hirelings Hamo and his mother accompanying him again as well.

Previously the parties Ehud had been in ventured into two of the four tombs in the walls of the recessed tomb complex revealed by a sinkhole. One of these tombs appeared to have been looted centuries ago with the remains of some unfortunates looters still present. The other appeared pristine, each doorway sealed tight with an earthenware door.

On returning, the party was about to enter a tomb never inspected, the one with a muddy stream pouring into its mouth, when Hamo asked Ehud about the statue. (I wasn't trying to steer the party here, it seemed like Ehud's player had forgotten about the statue they'd encountered and it seemed natural that Hamo might ask about it).

The party decided to return to the antechamber of the sealed tomb that held a many-armed statue. They knew from the looted tomb that it should slide sideways to allow access to a door, but they didn't know how to make it do so. Previously they found that many hand gestures did nothing, but certain hand gestures caused bad things to happen to them, Ehud had been shrunk 3 inches, for examples.

Now followed hours of experimentation in which Lico's face was covered with acne, Zepheria's hair curled and she was shrunk 3 inches, Ehud's hair fell out completely he was blinded and everyone became severely paranoid at some time. Lico decided to give up and leave which made the paranoid Ehud determine they were plotting and he cast Sleep on them.

Finally, they determined the exact hand gestures in the exact order that caused the statue to move aside. They smashed the pottery seal and entered the tomb that had been sealed for 1000 years. Having seen a huge stone on a skeleton in the looted tomb, they expected a trap in the next corrido and when tapping with a 10' pole didn't achieve anything they very gingerly avoided stepping in that particular area.

A few more broken seals lead to a burial chamber with a huge central pot. Zepharia cautiously advanced to have iron bars slam down behind her, separating her from the party. After a tense few moments in which Zepharia found the pot was empty anyway, Ehud found a lever on the outside that released the bars which they lifted and Zepharia was able to roll under.

Back to the trapped passage, more careful stepping, and exploration began to the west. This burial chamber turned out to be another decoy where the only thing of note was Hamo seriously injured his face while trying to throw and secure a grapnel up a shaft.

So the party was faced with the last doorway that they expected a trap in front of. putting more weight on her 10' pole, Zepheria was able to trigger the trap. A huge stone block came crashing doan and broke her beloved 10'pole. A few more passages and Ehud climbed up into a the burial chamber of what turned out to be Decimus Fabricus one of the four Imperial Tutors. The floor of this room was paved with thousands of squarish silver coins. The central pot revealed a cross-legged mummy with a shock of jet black hair. Ehud, frightened, smashed the mummy's head in with his staff, but it appeared truly dead.

In the pot were more silver coins and in the hands of Decimus was a strange object: After filling all their packs with silver the party made an uneventful trip back to the roadside inn. There, Hugh told them that this was a Seal Box, not the Eyes of the Rubricator. Our happy Adventurers didn't care, with their packs stuffed to bursting with silver coins they only wanted to rest and plan on how to spend it.

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