Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Dicey Lodgings

I have an idea for a seedy, epic, Swords & Sorcery city where nothing is certain. To try to achieve this atmosphere I've been playing around with simple dice games for players. I settled on a variant of Hog which is a variant of Pig. I'm not a mathematician, but from the best I can tell this might be playable. Tell me what you think:

On entering the city, tired, carrying your ill-gotten gains you seek lodging:

You may roll from 1 to 6 six-sided dice; you choose how many to throw. Roll a 1 on any die and you lose, and end with a tally of 1.

If you feel lucky (or greedy) you may tally your score and roll again, up to three times total. Your final tallied score means:


  1. Pretty interesting, and very evocative. :)

    I still owe you those tables.

  2. No worries, it's something to look forward to :)

  3. Hey didn't you update this to include percentages? Could you post that up?