Sunday, March 6, 2011

Fingerbone Necklace

These grisly tokens are made from the fingers of mages.  Worn by mages, when the wearer would take damage the small bones crack instead.

This is another one I haven't play tested.  Probably should be some price or cost to make it, but the roleplaying possibilities seem too good to pass up.  Will your players stop to collect the fingers of the wizard they just slew?  What will the townies think of your mage walking around like some crypt robber?

No thumbs.  A foe does 8 points of damage, 8 bones snap irreparably. You could limit it to magical damage if you wanted.


  1. Awesome. did you submit that to the LOTFP magic item contest? If not you shoulda.

  2. Hey, thanks. No, mike, I only thought of it when I saw the pic and by then I think the contest was done.

  3. What the townies think depends on the townies. Orcs would be impressed and elves disgusted, civilized humans would be unnerved while barbarians would want one for their spell slinger. Bonuses of -2 to +2 to charisma rolls. The cost to make should be based on how much damage is absorbed, the power of the mage's fingers used and how many the creator collects own their own.