Friday, March 4, 2011

The Battle of Nidus - Finale

Toral DP
     Tory - hireling
"G" F
     Le Bouche - hireling
     Janis - hireling
"Z" F
     Mika - hireling
     Fabrino - hireling
     Pita - hireling
Yestlick MU
Athydas MU
Gail MU
Mollie DP
Darkyo F

I'm a week behind with this post play report but not too much happened last session.  The party noticed NPC past and future selves touching and disappearing in a dread sense of non-existence.  So having their future selves around was probably a bad idea.  And, about that time they noticed a huge hole in the sea in Nidus' port.  This hole showed a beautiful upside down sky and had 10 giant anemone-like, colorful, tentacles coming out of it.

The party quickly decided their future selves need to go back . . . to the future.  They all got on one of the vulture-pygmy round barges and went over the endge into the hole.  This caused the hole to begin closing.  Except the tentals were trying to keep it open.

The party killed all the tentacles with lettle difficulty (Gail was paralyzed for a bit) and ended up getting on a ship just coming into the harbor to escap, a junk.

Some Thoughts

I was pretty heavy handed here, but didn't want to have to deal with multiples of each players.  I had devised what I thought was a cool effect for each of the translucent, colorful tentacles to have on players.  I imagine them grappling and engaging in melee hip-high in the surf.  They got bows and shot it to death safely from a distance.  There was a bad call on my part where a few players wanted to look for bows in the emptied stalls of Nidus and I said "yes, okay roll."  That made the battle less dramatic and interesting.  But I'm still trying to balance letting them be able to do the things they suggest (be awesome and empowered), and not get everything they want, (be spoiled by doing unreasonably things).

(Note to Telecanter: this is the session Gail got the invite to the Magic user organization)

One other small thing, one player was a little annoying toward the end of the session because he'd been imbibing so many adult beverages.  I've talked to him about it since.  I felt weird, like I was his dad or something (I am older).  But I just said, "hey, everyone one was imbibing, just try to keep pace with us."  It's when someone isn't at the same place that things start getting awkward/boring.  Anyone have issues like that?


  1. Having players roll with their left hands if their PCs go numb is a nice touch! It doesn't really effect the mechanics, but it helps the players feel the frustrating clumsiness that their PCs would be experiencing. I like it.

  2. Thanks, I came up with that when trying to think of new ways to affect characters: