Monday, September 20, 2010

John D. Batten - VII

This seems very much like D&D to me, too:

Camaralzaman and the Brass Urns

And what do you think is in those urns . . .?


  1. I love pictures like this, that only open up more questions.

    Like a rorschach test for gamers, if you will.

  2. He has an interesting style in a lot of these; it seems clear that he's dropped the character in last. It makes potentially altering them for other purposes very easy. In this one the stairs, axeman, and front most urns to the right almost seem like an afterthought.

    I wouldn't have assumed the urns were brass - what secret or tiny enemy is hiding in them, and is he about to smash them and find out? The ashes of his ancestors whose ghosts will return seeking vengeance? Or maybe it's a druid's home, the axe being our hero's only hope of freeing himself from an impending entanglement spell?

  3. That's funny. The first room is usually an abandoned orc guard post with 3cp under a pile of rubbish .... Did I just walk into a 3e adventure?

  4. facehugger constructs made from brass... who knows what a pc will have erupt out of his chest when he falls prey to one of this...

  5. 1 g.p. in each urn.

    At least that's what the other player/DM pulled on me when we were head to head solo playing/DMing with each other years back.