Thursday, September 16, 2010

Blog Issues

Looks like my blog is not updating in peoples' blog rolls.  I have no idea why.  The only thing I've done differently recently was switch over to the new Blogger post editor.  It looks like there may be some issue with the FeedBurner feed.  I tried pinging that through their troubleshooting page, no luck.

I'd appreciate it if you could drop a comment if:
  • you can see my last two posts in your feed reader
  • you can see this post at all
  • you have any idea how to fix this issue


Update 9/17:  Thought I'd fixed it but apparently not.  I'm going to do some experiments but it seems my posts are consistently being delayed by about four hours before showing up in blogrolls. 


  1. This post was in my feed, but not the last two I'm afraid!

  2. Saw it in the Underdark Gazette's feed. So it works, but have noticed blogger seems to have been slow to update regardless, the past few days.

  3. This post is showing up on my blog. I don't know about the prior posts.

  4. I can see you in my feed. But have been noticing in recent weeks that Wordpress blogs are slow to get updated.

  5. This post showed-up in Google Reader. Looks like it's in the blogroll of my blog too.

  6. Showed up on the Risus Monkey blog roll just fine.

  7. Thanks a lot, folks. I think it's fixed now. If this happens to anyone else you might have to re-synch your FeedBurner feed.