Monday, September 20, 2021

Corinne's Case of Vivid Lenses

This mahogany box is lined with black velvet and holds pairs of eyes.  Stories differ on how many pairs or what type, but if the eyes are held up to those of a person, they grow into them and replace them.  This grants the person new ways of seeing.  When finished with the eyes the user can pull them out, leaving their own eyes unharmed.  Tales mention a milky white pair, clouded with age, said to obscure the world in a hazy fog except for the living, which appear as bright lights.  A brilliant green pair is said to let a person see the true emotions play across a person's face no matter their skill in lying.  There are other strange sights mentioned, but always the warning that using the eyes is comforting and pleasurable and harder and harder to resist.  (user become addicted: minus one to hit/damage for each day they haven't used a pair of eyes in a session)

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