Saturday, September 19, 2020

Serendipity XXVIII

 When I go looking for images I need I often find cool things I never expected to find. These images are all in the public domain:



  1. Re: that precious stones image, I always liked saddling my players with irritating-but-valuable treasure like unfinished gemstones. Worth plenty, especially if you cut them yourself, but heavier, bulkier, and harder to shove in a sack than coins or actual jewelry.

  2. The Arthur Rackham piece was great---reminds me a bit of one of the old images from a Tolkien calendar I had as a kid with Ulmo rising up from the deeps to address Finrod (or perhaps Fingon?)

    Stylistically, it reminded me a lot of William Blake's pieces too (I thought it was Blake at first, in fact!)---which reminds me to go looking again for good collections of both of their works! :D


  3. @Dick: Yeah, I converted all the coin treasure into a silver statue for one dungeon. The players ended up having to come back for it. :)

    @grodog: I wish I could evoke the feeling of size and awe I get from the image with my verbal descriptions of in-game encounters.