Friday, July 10, 2015

Public Domain Planets

These images of planets are all in the public domain, you can do anything you want with them.  Not the greatest, but if you add some color they might work for your space games:


  1. It's fun to hum the old republic flash gordon series theme as you scroll through these :D

  2. You do this a lot, but still my first thought was about planets that are themselves public domain. Where every person and every thing there can be copied without worry or offence. Impersonation is common and only frowned upon when you stop pretending to be that person without finishing a bargain committed in their name, but the place is extremely prosperous due to their ability to copy things.

    Spend too much time there and you will start running into flawed copies of yourself, allowed under parody, and acting in a simplified way to how the locals see you. Spend long enough to gain citizenship, and all of your identity is fair game, although impersonations will be more accurate.

    Very good source for replacement characters.