Saturday, May 30, 2015

View SVGs on Windows 7

I started switching my silhouettes to scalable vector graphics to provide for better lossless scaling and such (see here), but I was working on Linux then.  Only after my computer died and I was back on Windows 7 did I realize that windows didn't even have the capability to view svgs.  I mean, if you click on them in Explorer they open up in your default web browser fine, but you can't see what you have in a whole directory at a glance.
Have a traveler

What that means is all these years, people might have been downloading my zip file of silhouettes and not being able to see all the images available at once.  Maybe having to view each separate file in a browser.  That sucks.
and a pelican

Well, I found something called SVG Explorer Extension here that gives Windows 7 the ability to draw the little picture icons for svgs.  I've never used Windows 8 so I don't know if it works there.  Clicking on an icon will still open it in the browser unlike other images, which open in Windows Photo Viewer.  (Or, if you install Inkscape a svg editor you can set them to open to that.)  But you can increase you icon size to the max and get a good overview of all the files available.  Hope this is useful.


  1. I'm finding silhouettes more and more useful for denoting 'style' for props and website work. Great inspiration here, thanks!

  2. I used a lot of your silhouettes for a card game deck I designed and made. Thanks a lot for your work!

  3. @Eurah Ko: That's awesome, so happy to see my stuff allowing people to build an make other things.

    @Christopher: Thanks, sorry I missed your comment at first.