Sunday, December 14, 2014

6 More Magical Treasures

I guess I've got these on my mind, so have a few more magical treasures:

  1. Belt of Swallowing - The wearer of this thick belt can eat anything - poison, acid, broken glass- and be unharmed.  They can also suck up creatures of less than 1HD on a successful hit.  This hurts, though, and they take 1hp dmg each time. 
  2. Silk of Reciprocating - If a person whispers a name into this length of silk and then binds themselves with it, that person named will be bound similarly- gagged, blindfolded, hands or feet tied magically together.
  3. Silver Razor - Shaving a person with this silver razor will cause them to love you until their hair grows back.
  4. Whale Breakers - Two pieces of whale tooth scrimshawed with scenes of Inuit bear hunts.  If they are held firmly in both hands for at least an hour (no shield, no rope use, no opening doors) they begin feeling colder and heavier and will allow the holder to strike foes with the force of two flails, breaking bones on critical hits.
  5.  White Fronds - Anything wrapped in these fuzzy grey, foot-wide fronds emits no smell.
  6. Telecanter's Bookmark - A strip of very worn human skin with a tattoo on it:  Find this name's enduring fame. If a proper name is spoken and the strip of skin is placed in a book, it will move through the book stopping at the first place that name is mentioned.  If the book is opened, and closed it will continue.  If that book is placed on a shelf of books, it will move from book to book finding references in a whole library.


  1. Love the swallowing belt. Makes me think of Kirby.

  2. Thanks, my inspiration was more matter-eater lad, but I wanted it more cool than just letting you eat weird stuff for nourishment.

  3. 2 is great; this is how I'd work it:
    Knotmaster's Silk - a white 2yd x 5yd section of finest silk with a small section of embroidered characters as magic words. Spread the sheet before you, speak the words and the name of a person known to you, walk through the Silk: you are bound, gagged and blindfolded in the Silk, but so is the person. "Gods of Moth and Mulberry, Knotmaster, find the person and share my fate: {name}." You can be untied normally, but this also frees the target.