Sunday, November 9, 2014

Lich Paraphernalia

Found on and around powerful users of magic, especially those long dead:
  1. Parchment Sash - Spells cast near it are captured in writing and can be copied.
  2. Blood Pearl - If a dead mage's body is rendered-- through a laborious, time consuming process-- one of the spells still uncast upon their death will seed into a red, misshapen pearl.  Consumption of it will grant knowledge of that spell and allow copying or casting.
  3. Flesh Forks - Tuning forks of different sizes, each with a bladed end.  They resonate when spells are cast in their presence (fork size corresponding to spell level).  If the blade is stabbed into a wizard's neck, the vibrations will transfer understanding and allow casting that spell once.
  4. Jade Worm - Placed deep in the ear, it whispers a list of the spells present in the minds of any magic users nearby.
  5. Milky Orbs - Varying in diameter and fragility, they shatter when a particular spell is cast within a particular radius.
  6. Slow Lime - Painted on a surface, this greyish paste stays damp for months.  Any spells cast near the lime will leave tracks and patinas in colors that can be read like a story by a wizard of sufficient level.


  1. Jade Worms, almost certainly expats from Fairy, have been used successfully by many a witch, alchemist and mage. As an example, if, in the Jade Moth stage of its life cycle, it is allowed exposure to the casting of only a single spell(multiple exposures/castings are necessary), then its perfectly spherical pupa becomes a detection device of sort, sometimes known as a Milky Orb or Silky Sphere.

  2. Cool, thanks. You could push it a bit and make the sashes woven from jade worm silk and the slow lime something made from grinding them up.

    I should clarify for the paper sash, I was imagining a single spell could be held and new spells cast near it would replace existing spells. So a mage trying to "catch" a certain spell would have a bit of a challenge to get and example and then keep it safe long enough to copy it.