Monday, December 10, 2012

Liar's Broom

The Liar's Broom or Storyteller's Brush is just simple brush made from animal hair and a beaded cord.  The user brushes a circle in the dust around them.  Anything that understands stories can be kept at bay outside that circle for as long as the user can tell one.  The story must be about the creature held at bay and starts with the teller saying "I know a story and it's got you in it.  Listen and be still."  All creatures, great and evil will wait out to see how the story goes (every 30 seconds a player can actually keep spinning a story = a round in the game).  At the end of the story the the teller can make the listener leave by saying "Now you go away" (listener gets a save minus number of rounds the story lasted).

Some say that practiced tellers can even make things happen.  After a story the teller can say "And that's nothing.  Listen to what happens next" and then proceed to lay out what the listener will do (These events are limited to within earshot of the teller, say, unlocking a cell door, or having the listener drink a potion).


  1. Thanks a bunch. I think it could be pretty fun to hear what players come up with.

  2. Now I know what my party is finding in its next trove of magic items!

  3. Great. Now you just need something creepy that does things by touch, so they can try and keep it out :)