Sunday, April 1, 2012

Three Furry Friends

I couldn't think of any more terrifying things, so I thought coming at it from the opposite direction might shake some things loose.  What's the opposite of terror?  Wonder?  Hmmm, maybe something more like that Awww sound when you see something really cute: 

Longtailed Bunny
This creature is plump and covered in warm fluffy fur.  It hops around a bit (but not so fast it would scare you) and eats grass in the sun.  It purrs when close to people friendly to you.

Barking Otters
Long and flexible, these critters frolic on dry land the way otters do in water.  Well, they'll actually do it in water too; they are all around playful. They are very sociable, thriving in groups of four, and are always excited to see you when you come back from the dungeon.  They only bark when there is a trap around.

Fuzzy Percher
This plump little ball of yellow feathers likes best to clamber around on a friendly shoulder.  It peeps every now and then (but not so much as to be annoying) to let you know it's still there and likes to nuzzle into the side of your neck closest to home.

1 comment:

  1. Interesting, never underestimate the power of cute. My last game my players ran into a curious demon. He was meant to be a villain but the players thought his behavior was kind of adorable and befriended him.