Friday, February 24, 2012

Vulture-Headed Pygmies

These small creatures are barely a threat singly but always appear in hordes.  Each carries a jagged steel shard used as a dagger.  Sliced open they drop coins.


These fellows showed up here, but they're kind of buried in the post play narrative.  In making my index I realized they would benefit from a post of their own.  They're basically re-skinned kobolds.  But the secret sauce is that cutting them open drops coins.  Get enough of these swarming around a party to make them nervous, wait until they realize the little devils are dropping treasure, then watch in amusement as the party teeter totters between greed and fear trying to decide when to retreat.


  1. Oh no, the coins have to spill out even if you smash them with a club. That way the players see the coins and start understanding that "hey all these little devils have coins in them?!" and they might even want to stoop down and scoop some up as the battle rages on, which makes for some exciting stuff. :)

  2. ...especially if, video game like, the coins are only there for a limited time, unless someone picks them up.

    I was really impressed by Zzarchov's demon-gorgon thing that appeared in a flailsnails game of his that I played in: it turned stuff to gold with its gaze weapon, but the gold was hell-gold - solidified greed - so when you tried to coin it the coins all turned up devil-faced. Cursed? Probably. Who knows?

  3. hah, that's a great monster. Thanks for sharing that.