Sunday, September 25, 2011

Silhouettes XXVI

Look familiar?  Thanks to James at The Underdark Gazette I now know the familiar DMG illustration by Darlene was actually a copy of one by Aubrey Beardsley.  Found it.  Extracted some silhouettes:
The last figure is Perseus from a different book.  Beardsley's figures look graceful and lithe-- elfin-- to me.  I think these could represent High Elves, no?  Now, here is a second OD&D monster:
I know there are other conceptions of nomad-- Mongols, the Sioux-- I'll be on the look out for them too, so your nomads won't have to always be desert tribes.

And here's another human fighter-- he was a blacksmith fighting off fairies, seems appropriate-- or, if I made him squatter and lengthened the beard, could be another Dwarf.
These have all been added to the zip file located in the sidebar.


  1. I like the Perseus elf. Suitably exotic and androgynous.

  2. Cool. I was thinking, what if these were immortal elves and that guy, Beardsley's got him nekkid, is a berserker, how messed up would that be, to go into battle naked and crazy when that's the only way you could die!?