Sunday, June 5, 2011


I'm housesitting and playing Fable III.  I have to say I'm sorely disappointed.  As is often the case, the sequel cut out some of the things that made the previous game interesting and unique.  Ah well, when I hit it rich I know better what game I'll produce.  I'm not done with the game yet, it may improve.  But it says something when the strongest feeling it evokes in me is a desire to play the last game again.  I may do a mini-review in the future.


  1. I never got into Fable. I'm hooked on Avernum (5!) again lately. Old school goodness. No linux version but it would probably Wine fine.

  2. I liked the dialogue writing (although I think they underutilized John Cleese) and the environments they created, but I was disappointed when it came time to do serious exploring. Maybe I'm too partial to the sandbox model.

    I look forward to read your mini-review, and will reserve further comment until that time.

  3. One of my biggest complaints about the game, besides the length, and some things you will discover late in the game, is the way a rather decent sized portion of the map and the items you can get there are locked till VERY late in the game. Had I not stopped from the freight train of an ending to explore when it didn't seem possible to do so, I would have missed a lot.

  4. Thanks for the comments.

    @zb: I'll check it out.

    @LokiSooner: I really liked hearing Cleese's dialog, maybe because he has what I consider a pleasant voice, or maybe because it was familiar. Yeah, too bad he was mostly saying "check out the shop," trying to sell me stuff in-game blarrgh.

    @Oddbit: Yes, Fable II had this same problem to a lesser degree. The design team doesn't seem to know how to balance exploration play with their movie plot. If they would just write in a few months of breather in their script that I could utilize to, you know, play the game, it would be a lot more fun and make a lot more sense-- wait the world is about to end and I'm buying furniture for my houses!?.