Monday, January 31, 2011

Tusk Trumpet

Sound to open doors, stun foes, still waters;
Sound again to shatter shackles, make men flee, and part waters--
but bide the summoned Ettinson;
Sound thrice to shatter shields, make men fall, and shepherd waters;
Sound last to mend shields, raise the fallen, shatter mountains--
but suffer the summoned Ettinchief.

This pic and the previous come from Man and beast in eastern Ethiopia : From observations made in British East Africa, Uganda, and the Sudan (1911)


  1. Looks like the old skull-driven Nimbus 2000! (Of course, back then, it was just the Nimbus 20.)

  2. Heh, does sort of look like a conveyance. Now that you say that, that unicorn skull could be too.