Thursday, February 25, 2010

Session Sunday

It looks like I have a session this Sunday at noon. We'll probably play ~4 hours. The goal will be to re-enter the Tomb of the Tutors and actually find the Eyes of the Rubricator.

The interesting thing about this session is the possibility of two new players who have never tried any kind of rpg before. There must be something in the water here, but I seem to get 1 complete newbie every session. If I had a better venue to play in I might be able to get ~ 10 people together. I understand now how people can get games going with 2 groups meeting on different days of the week.

Anyway, these new players are an impetus for me to revise my already streamlined Swords & Wizardry rules. For example, all the spell descriptions were aimed at the DM: "the caster targets . . ." while, really if you are showing them to someone who has no idea what a cleric is, the descriptions should be aimed at them: "you can . . ."

I'll have a big chunk of Saturday to finalize this. I'm hoping to have something I can take to Kinkos and have wire-bound. We'll see. My players were impressed that I had booklets made for everyone last time. They were also impressed that I had portraits ready for a few key npcs. Fun stuff.

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