Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Telecanter's DM Spurs - Magic Items

A post on the Swords & Wizardry forums asks for a random magic item generator. Now, I have been thinking about a random treasure item generator. Magic item is different, it implies the PCs will be using it, you need to think about things like rods, wands, orbs etc and deal with the various powers. Where the item generator I was going for would generate any kind of interesting valuable items you might find.

Anyway, I tried to oblige. Consider it a draft because the "items" familiar and uncommon are too vague to be useful to me as a DM, I think. But this is the constraint of the Roll all the Dice method, I needed the d12 and d20s to describe the magical effects.
I'd like to do better, or at least implement a second roll all the dice item generator that you could use in tandem with this.


  1. Familiar could be something on the general personal equipment list that has been enchanted. Uncommon is probably too vague.

    You could cross-reference rather than have another table. I'd probably use the d10 roll for the magnitude of the distance/area effect as well.

    What about magic items that only have so many charges left. Maybe have scroll as a d6 entry with charges determined by the d12, written as: scroll (d12)

    What if a player rolled an area effect scarred weapon that was a minor magic item but could distort anything (time, space)- that would be munchkin time.

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  3. I rolled.... a magically-powerful hat that animates anything 'vegetable' that is put inside (touch). A career as a childrens' entertainer beckons, or father of a herd of bonsai.

  4. Thanks for the feedback. This one needs some more thought. I'm thinking more and more that magical effect and the item it's attached to should probably be seperated.

  5. So what happens if it's put on a shambling mound?