Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Oddness of Blogging & Poetry

I know people have been doing this for years, but this is an entirely new genre for me. I also realise that much of the stuff I'm writing about has probably been hashed out long ago by grognards. So why blog? Well, for one it isn't so much I'm trying to communicate wisdom to you as to synthesise and understand for me. It is writing as discovery.

And why do this in public? This I can't quite articulate, but audience is essential for writing as discovery to happen. I have a long-planned-but-never-written-essay I call "Why Put a Love Poem in a Book?" which is about this very thing, something about audience makes even poems more "true." Because, that if any type of writing should just work privately, but our greatest loves poems were published, were written with larger audiences in mind than just the beloved.

Well, that's for the long-winded house rule posts, I also have a great desire to contribute and belong to a community and that's one of the reasons for the monster posts-- maybe something new that you can use, that will keep you coming back and tolerating the blah blah blah.

Oh, and on your blogs, I don't read them, I obsessively read them. I currently have 59 feeds I check about twice every day.

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