Thursday, July 26, 2012

Five More Fireworks

I'm trying to shoot for enough of these to make a One-Page document like I have for drugs and potions.  I envision most of these as being developed by Dwarves for use underground:
  1. Fulminating Ash - Looks like ash.  Place in cold fie ring or forge, when a fire is lit and hot enough temperature reached Boom!  Not enough of an explosion to damage stonework, but great for distractions.
  2. Emburr Tube - Hand-held tube lit and aimed at target.  Tiny embers stick to clothes and hair, glowing green for 20 minutes or until the target stops-drops-rolls for 1d6 rounds.  Great for tracking foes trying to escape into dark tunnels.
  3. Whistling Shepherd - Similar to bottle rockets with a barb.  Sticks in hair and fur and emits a high-pitched whistle for 1d6 rounds.  Meant to scare off animal intelligence creatures.
  4. Smoker - Fills 10 cubic feet with thick, grey smoke in three rounds.
  5. Bjarni's Bolt - Basically a flash bang grenade.  One round to light and throw.  A bright flash of light and noise.  Unprepared targets save or stunned.  Night denizens save or blinded for 1d6 rounds as well.
I know the last two might seem especially modern and out of tone for a fantasy game (for me anyway).  I'd probably make them reeeeeaally expensive.  Like, it takes a 100gp diamond to make one flash bang.  Finding one would be a treasure.


  1. they don't seem modern or out of tone to me at all, just Chinese.

    Actually I'm pretty sure I could track down some Roman or Byzantine smokers, given time.

    Sorry to hear about the robbery. That really really sucks.

  2. Thanks. Yeah, I made my friends laugh by saying it was a good thing they didn't play D&D since I have so much cool crap just lying around: "Those precision dice are 75 cents apiece!". But it is discouraging.