Saturday, August 6, 2016

Geographic Wonders Compilation

Years ago I made a series of posts about geographic wonders players exploring a fantasy world might find.  I promised to make a compiled list of these when I got to 100.  And I did, it was ready to post, sitting on my desktop when my hard drive crashed.  It has taken me a while to try and recover, get my files back in order, but little by little I've been working on it.  So, here is the promised compilation in editable form or pdf.  There are more than 100 wonders so that if you don't like some, or they don't fit your campaign world, you can cross them off and substitute one of the extras.  Have fun.


  1. Oh, geez, I'm sorry you didn't ask me. I had compiled them into a pretty Word file about two years ago.

    In any case, thank you so much for over a hundred adventure seeds just waiting to germinate.

  2. No worries, I don't think any one's campaign failed for lack of these. But I'm happy you liked them enough to compile them yourself, and I'm happy to finally share them with everybody else. Thanks!

  3. What a list, great stuff.

    Am I wrong in thinking it's sorted _somewhat_ by terrain/area (eg. forest, water, desert etc.), or am i just seeing things? I think that would be useful, to quickly generate a wonder that suits a specific geographic area (note to self: just download the doc and reorder it yourself, you numbnut).

  4. Thanks! Yes, I was using the different terrains to help me generate the entries, so I would get on a roll with forests for example and I put them in the table generally in the order I came up with them. At one point I started compiling the list with color codes (green for trees, brown for earth and mountains, etc) to see if I was thin on any one type. But I hadn't quite finished when my drive crashed.