Thursday, July 24, 2014

Update with 2 Colts

My old blogging computer has finally died.  It had a good run, was a free hand-me-down I got from a friend when I came home from Poland years ago.  A Pentium 4, I've run Ubuntu on it ever since.  But, alas, all my gaming files are on it.  I am working towards getting the data accessible and reorganized, but that computer was a Linux box and the one I'm currently typing on is Windows which makes it more complicated.  What that means is a few posts I was working on are going to take some time to get up.

Boring, I know, have some pictures of double-action Colts:

Friday, July 18, 2014

Public Domain Weapon Images 3

Small guns!  I'm pretty much psuedo-medieval adventure gaming all the time.  I feel like I could play D&D for a lifetime and not exhaust the possibilities, and yet, I still am really interested in other genres.  Gritty westerns is something I get interested in cyclically, re-watching Deadwood, or Unforgiven, or Tombstone.  Anyway, the other day I thought pictures of guns might be cool to write all the stats on and give to players in a Boot Hill type game.  Then I got really excited and went to Internet Archive to see what I could dig up.  It was a let down, because I couldn't find a lot.  I found more pictures of Webleys than anything else.  It's weird because you know old guns is something people are fanatical about, but I guess the right books haven't been scanned yet.  Anyway, here are a few small guns to start off with:

Colt's three derringers from oldest to newest , (oldest up top):
The first was available starting 1870.  I think they all used .41 rimfire rounds.

A Remington Vest-Pocket pistol. Available Starting 1865:
And a Sharp's Triumph (that's what the book from 1894 calls it, anyway) or what I think I've heard as a Sharp's pepper box.  First available 1859:

That last one is the only one that isn't single-shot.

 More revolvers to come in the future. These pictures are all in the public domain. You can do anything you want with them. I'll add them to the zip file of all the weapon images eventually.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Public Domain Weapon Images 2

Here are some more public domain weapon images.  Clubs and small blades today.

A couple Fijian clubs:

Friendly Islands club:

Mandinka dagger:

Turkish khandjar:


Gurkha kukri:


West African:



Monday, July 14, 2014

Sandbox Wonders 15

These might look familiar.  Go here to see me come up with the ideas.

106. Valley of Graves - It's easy to miss that the low, woody shrubs here hide thousands of graves.  Each has a flat stone marked with simple runes, indicating how the dead were noteworthy.  Eat leaves from above a grave to attain similar attributes for a week.  (treat searching the graves as a library).
107. Carved Towers -There are twelve of these huge, natural boulders carved into simple temples.  The temples vary but have windows, benches, and a fountain.  Each month of the year the fountain flows and a warm lights appear in a different temple. Drinking from the waters will cause hostiles to always target you last, for as long as the water flows in that temple.
108. The Great Graven Tusk - A huge tusk emerges from the muck of a swamp.  It's scrimshawed with an ancient story.  At a particular hour of day the sun falls on a part of the story that causes flowers to blossom all around the tusk.  Wear the flowers in your hair and enemy blows will always do the least harm possible.
109. The Black Tears - At random times this volcano rains down perfectly smooth, tear-shaped bits of obsidian the size of a human head.  This makes travel here treacherous, but the tears are highly sought as scrying devices.
110. Carved Grove - This remote section of forest has crude figures carved in the trunks of the trees.  Visiting the grove will cause your own crude likeness to appear the next day.  Then, strangers will treat you as long-lost friends until someone else visits the grove and their likeness is carved.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

NPC Portraits 4

I thought these first dudes would work well in a Boot Hill adventure:

I especially like this last one, would fit well as a character in a fantasy world I think.

These are all in the public domain you can do whatever you want with them.  I'll eventually add them to the npc portraits zip file on my art page.