Friday, September 11, 2020

Reclusive Coffer

Reclusive Coffer - A small strongbox carved from a single oak burl that has a brass badge inscribed Plant me here, Harvest me there.  If buried, anywhere the burier digs they will find the coffer.  Each day it is left buried it is more likely to start whispering "Do you have need of me?" to each passerby. 


  1. Absolutely stealing that one. Going to have to think about a response item, you've gotten ahead of me. :)

    1. Thanks, I realize the name of this one is wrong, though, It seems like the coffer acts more gregarious or faithful than reclusive. And you reminded me that when I first started blogging I was so excited and filled with ideas I was posting too much (sometimes multiple times in a day). I started doing it again, lol. I think I'll ease back to once every-other day. That will give me a chance to polish the items up a bit more and maybe offer them up in batches of 4 or six, like mini-tables. And also allow for people to have time to comment.

    2. And of course the day you replied my OS crashed and I was offline for several days. Sigh. You have a point about "reclusive" there. How about "Obliging Coffer" instead? It just wants to be helpful... :)

      Now, a properly "Reclusive Coffer" might be: This small but sturdy maple-wood strongbox is remarkably hard to notice when there is more than one person nearby. Spotting it should be at least as difficult as detecting an invisible and soundless creature. Even if located and carried off it's likely to be lost again and absent-mindedly set aside if the bearer is distracted even briefly. The effect ends immediately when only one other creature is within sight of it and resumes when company arrives.

      Owners who are aware of the coffer's quirks are careful to set it in a specific spot where they're likely to be alone with it regularly, and often carry notes reminding them of its existence and/or location. Less knowledgeable owners are prone to unintentionally leaving the coffer in inconvenient spots, resulting in pratfalls worthy of the Dick van Dyke show.

      Rumor has it that the Reclusive Coffer had a key that lets its rightful owner ignore its magic, but that key has long since been lost.